Saving money with the Porto. CARD? We have done the math…

Is the Porto.Card really worth buying? We’ve done the math and taken a closer look at the Porto.CARD’s price-performance ratio.

You can find our conclusion and further tips on the Porto.Card here.


Save money on dining out with the Porto.Card.

What does the Porto.Card offer? Checking the value for money …

The Porto.Card includes free and unlimited use of the metro and city buses of the STCP in Porto. A day-only metro ticket (Andante Tour) costs €15 for 3 days in 2023. The Porto.Card costs €25 for 3 days, which is actually €10 more.

However, for this surcharge, you receive more than 150 additional benefits, which we have shortly summarized for you below:

  • Free and unlimited use of public transportation in Porto. This includes the metro (subway – even to the airport), city buses of the bus company STCP and the suburban train on the routes to Paredes, Lousado, Vila das Aves and Paramos (Tren CP Porto Urbanos)
  • Free admission to currently 7 museums and sights
  • 50% discount for 16 other museums and sights
  • up to 20 % discount on tours & guided visits: including excursions and boat trips on the Minho or Douro rivers; guided tours & wine tastings in the world famous Port wine cellars
  • up to 20 % discount in more than 20 restaurants, bars and cafés
  • up to 10% discount on admission to Fado Shows
  • up to 10% discount on purchases in participating stores
  • 30 % at SEA LIFE Aquarium, 35 % at World of Discoveries
  • up to 76 % on parking your car / rental car
Porto Sightseeing

Many discounts are also available for sightseeing with the Porto.Card (Image: #trainB77)

Real savings in Euro (€)

Palácio da Bolsa – 3 euros
Casa do Infante – 4 euros
World of Discoveries – 5,25 euros
Casa da Música – 6,25 euros
Sea Life Porto – 4,95 euros
Museu da Cidade – Extensão do Romantismo (City Museum – Romanticism) – 4 euros
No struggling to find the right ticket for the public transport Save time and stress

Porto.Card – at a glance

✅ Local transport: Bus, Metro free of charge

✅ Metro: airport ↔ city center free of charge

✅ free admission to 7 museums

✅ 50% discount at 16 other attractions

✅ more than 150 discounts in total

✅ Train ride to the beach free of charge

✅ valid for 1,2,3 or 4 days

✅ Online purchase at no extra charge – more info here

Our conclusion: Who can benefit from the Porto.CARD?

Compared to the pure local transport ticket “Andante Tour”, the Porto.CARD costs 10 euros more for 3 days. However, this extra cost is quickly worth it if you want to discover a few more Porto sights during your stay, do some shopping or perhaps go out to eat at participating restaurants.

We could not rate the time savings or convenience of the Porto.CARD in Euros, as this depends very much on your own perception.
For example, you don’t have to deal with public transportation ticket machines – how much is that worth to you personally?

Would you like to do the math yourself?

➔ Here you can find all 150 Porto.Card discounts / savings incl. city map (*.pdf for download).

Buy the Porto.CARD online at no extra charge – current prices (2023)

You can buy the Porto.Card online without surcharge & fees – go to the vendor here. The Porto.Card makes using local transport easy. It not only saves money, but above all time and stress. No standing in line at the ticket machine, no reading the fare regulations to find the right ticket. Especially after a long flight, there are better things to do …

Current prices (season 2023) for a Porto.CARD including local transport use:

Validity period of 1 day: 13 Euros

Validity period of 2 days: 20 Euros

Validity period of 3 days: 25 Euros

Validity period of 4 days: 33 Euros (8.25 Euros per day)

Practical: You can use the Porto.Card to take the metro to the city center free of charge after your arrival at the airport. No other ticket is necessary.

Advantage: The purchase is done via an English website. In our experience, this means fewer misunderstandings. The service, whether by mail or telephone, is of course also in English.

Further EXTRA: With the Porto.CARD you benefit from more than 150 discounts!

Current information on the Corona crisis

Which museum or attractions are open? What is the situation on site due to the Corona crisis?

The official tourist information in Porto offers good and up-to-date information. She is available online (including live chat) and by phone to answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ 2023

In addition to free and unlimited use of public transportation in Porto, Porto.CARD holders benefit from more than 150 discounts. Among others, there is free admission to the various branches of the City Museum (Museu da Cidade), when visiting the World of Discoveries you save 35% with the Porto.Card.

For more information about the Porto.CARD, please visit our website.

Compared to the pure local transport card “Andante Tour”, the Porto.CARD costs 10,- Euro more for 3 days. If you want to discover a few of the attractions during your stay in Porto, do some shopping or perhaps go out to eat in the participating restaurants, you will quickly recoup the extra cost of the Porto.Card.

For more information about the Porto.Card and tips, visit our website.

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