From Porto Airport to the city center

Transfer by metro, bus and taxi

Porto International Airport “Francisco Sá Carneiro” is very well-connected to the public transport network. There are various connections by metro, bus or taxi.

In our experience, it is worth finding out about the various transfer options before you leave. This will save you time and stress on arrival at the airport.

Here you will find an overview of the most important options for transferring to the center of Porto, including current prices and travel times (as of 2024).


By metro (subway) from the airport to the center of Porto

Which metro runs from the airport to the center of Porto?

Since 2006, metro line E (purple) connects the airport with the city center. It is therefore known simply as the “airport line”.

The metro station “Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro” is directly opposite the terminal building. Just follow the signs inside the terminal.

Transfer Airport Porto Metro

Porto Airport has its own metro stop. From there you can quickly reach the city center.

Metro line E travel times

The metro runs every 15–30 minutes from the airport to the city center:

6 – 7 a.m.: every 30 minutes
7 a.m. – 8 p.m.: every 15 minutes
8 p.m. – 1 a.m.: every 30 minutes

The first metro leaves the airport at 6:06 a.m. and the last at 0:42 a.m.

Porto Metro Line E Airport

These times also apply on weekends, Sundays and public holidays. The metro ride from the airport to Trindade station in downtown Porto takes about 30 minutes.

The great advantage of an airport transfer by metro is that the travel time is easy to plan, as the metro runs regardless of traffic jams or other traffic obstructions!

Overview of stops & current timetable (2024) for line E

Metro line E has a total of 21 stations. Here is an overview of the stops, including connections to other subway lines.

Porto Metro Airport Transfer

How much does it cost to take the metro from Porto airport to the city center? – Current prices 2024

The fare depends on the number of zones you want to travel through. The Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro stop on Line E is in Zone 4 of the Porto Metro. A 4-zone ticket (Z4 ticket) is required. The current price (in 2024) is 2.25 euros for a single trip.

If you want to use the metro often or if you want to use public transport, the Porto.CARD may be of interest to you. With this official card of the city of Porto, you can use public transport for free and get numerous discounts and reductions when visiting the city.

If you buy the Porto.CARD in advance, e.g. on this website, you can use the metro on arrival at the airport without having to search for the right ticket at the ticket machine. It saves you time and stress!

Bus transfer from the airport to downtown Porto

In addition to the metro, there are several bus lines operated by STCP and Resende that connect the airport with the city center and the surrounding areas of Porto.

We have summarized the main bus transfer options for you below.

  • Bus line 601 runs every 25 minutes between 5:30 a.m. and midnight, depending on the season, and terminates at Cordoaria.
  • Bus route 602 (Airport – Cordoaria via Padrão de Moreira) also runs to the airport every 25 minutes between 5:30 a.m. and midnight.
  • Bus 604 (Airport – S. João Hospital via Crestins) runs every 30 minutes between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm.
  • The night bus 3M (Airport – Av. Aliados) runs every hour between 0.30 am and 5.30 am.

Current route map (2024) for the airport transfer by bus (STCP) with stops

Bus Porto Card

With the Porto.CARD, you can use all STCP city buses – including those from the airport – free of charge and unlimited (Image: © Bob J B).

The bus company Resende offers daily connections between Porto Airport and Guifões or São Gens.

As a Porto.CARD holder, you can use the STCP bus lines for free! This means that you do not need to buy an additional ticket for the bus transfer from the airport to downtown Porto!

However, for the Resende buses, you will need to buy extra tickets.

ATTENTION: Bus schedules may change depending on the season!

Airport transfer with the Porto.CARD – free use of metro & bus

The City Card of Porto – the Porto.CARD – combines free use of public transport with attractive discounts at many top attractions, including free entry.

You can also use the metro or bus directly from the airport to the city center without needing another ticket or having to deal with the local transportation fare system.

Current prices for a Porto.CARD including local transport

How much is the Porto.CARD 2024?

Validity 1 day: €13
Validity 2 days: €20
Validity 3 days: €25
Validity 4 days: €33 (€8.25 per day)

Porto Card

Porto.CARD: one ticket for public transport + free/reduced admission to attractions.

Our tip: Buy the Porto.CARD online – save time and stress abroad

You can buy the Porto.Card online click here to go to the provider.

This will save you time and stress at the airport, because you won’t have to deal with ticket machines and how they work. Especially after a long flight, there are better things to do…

Advantage: Purchase through an English website
The purchase is made through an English website. In our experience, this means there are fewer misunderstandings when booking. The service, whether by email or phone, is also in English.

Practical: Metro and bus from airport to city center included
With the Porto.CARD, you can take the metro or bus to the city center for free when you arrive at the airport. You don’t need to buy another ticket!

You will also benefit from more than 150 discounts at monuments, museums and other attractions in Porto!

By taxi to the center of Porto

In addition to public transportation such as the metro and buses, you can also take a taxi from the airport to your destination (hotel, etc.).

Taxis are available around the clock in front of the airport building.

The price per kilometer is 80 cents from Monday to Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (night surcharge +20%).

TIP: You can also book a private shuttle online in advance. The price is then fixed. This will save you time and stress when you get there.

→This site gives you a quick overview of the different providers and their prices.

This site gives you a quick overview of the different providers and their prices.

Taxi Airport Transfer Porto

You can reach any destination in Porto and the surrounding area by taxi. A pre-booked shuttle can be helpful (Image: ©Yuri Rapoport).

Frequently asked questions – FAQ 2024

Porto Airport is well connected to Porto’s public transport network and is only 11 kilometers from the city center. There are several options for transfers to the city center (metro, bus, taxi).

You can find more information, tips and current prices (2024) for transfers from Porto Airport to the city center on our website.

Since 2006, metro line E has connected Porto Airport with the city center. The metro line has a total of 21 stops.

Further information and current prices (2024) on the subject of “By metro from the airport to the center of Porto” can be found on our website.

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