Test: Porto.CARD vs. Andante Tour – which card is a better choice?

In addition to using the Porto.CARD, you can also use the “Andante Tour Card” for local transportation in Porto.

We have done it for you: Which card is the better one? Find the result and our conclusion here.



What is an Andante Tour Card? Info + current prices (2023)

The “Andante Tour Card” is a local transport ticket of the bus company STCP and the Metro do Porto. It is available with a validity period of one (24 h) or three days (72 h).

This local transport card allows you to use the STCP buses and several other bus lines, the metro (subway) and some CP light rail (on the lines to Paredes, Lousado, Vila das Aves and Paramos) in Porto.

Unlike the Porto.Card, there are no other discounts with the Andante Tour Card, e.g. for sightseeing, entrance fees, excursions …

The Andante Tour Card is a local transport card ONLY!

Andante Tour Card: What is the price?

Currently (2023), the Andante Tour Card costs €7 for one day and €15 for 3 days.
It can be purchased in Andante stores, at ticket offices of the Portuguese railroad company CP and at the tourist information at the airport or in the city center of Porto.

The Andante Tour Card is not available online or at ticket machines!

Comparison: Porto.Card vs. Andante Tour Card at a glance

Here you will find a comparison between the combined card for sightseeing and local transport (PortoCard) and the pure local transport card (Andante Tour Card) at a glance:

Porto.CARDAndante Tour
Local transport: Bus & Metro and some suburban trains free of charge
free admission to 7 museums and attractions
50% discount at 16 additional museums/attractions
Discounts in restaurants, stores ...
up to 76% discount on parking
Purchase online possible
Validity period1, 2, 3 or 4 days1 or 3 days
Price comparison: Cost per day (3-day ticket)8,33 Euro5 Euro

Our conclusion: Which card is the better one?

At first sight, the Andante Tour Card is cheaper. We recommend it for Porto visitors who are looking for a pure local transport ticket for one or three days and do not want to visit any of Porto’s sights.

Otherwise, the PortoCard is one step ahead. It offers an additional 150 discounts for a relatively small surcharge. It is more flexible, with a greater choice of validity periods.

Another plus: You can buy the Porto.CARD online in advance and at no extra charge. Time and stress are saved on the spot.

For a small surcharge, the Porto.Card offers, in addition to free use of local transport, more than 150 discounts on sightseeing, restaurants, shopping and attractions.

Our tip: Buy the Porto.Card online at no extra charge – current prices (2023)

Here you can buy the Porto.Card online in advance of your trip without any extra charge & fees. Using local transport is easy with the Porto.Card. It not only saves money, but above all time and stress. No queuing at the ticket machine, no reading the fare regulations to find the right ticket. Especially after a long flight, there are better things to do …

Current prices for a Porto.Card including local public transport (2023):

Validity period of 1 day: 13 euros
Validity period of 2 days: 20 euros
Validity period of 3 days: 25 euros
Validity period of 4 days: 33 euros (8.25 Euros per day)

Practical: After your arrival at the airport, you can use the Porto.Card to travel to the city center for free on the metro. No additional ticket is required.

Advantage: The purchase is made via an English website. In our experience, this means fewer misunderstandings. The service, whether by e-mail or telephone, is of course also in English.

Current information on the Corona crisis

Which museum or attractions are open? What is the situation on site due to the Corona crisis?

The official tourist information in Porto offers good and up-to-date information. She is available online (including live chat) and by phone to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ 2023

The Andante Tour Card is a card of the bus company STCP and the Metro do Porto. They are available with a validity period of one (24 hours) or three days (72 hours). In contrast to the Porto.CARD, the Andante Tour Card is purely a local transport card.

Find more information about the Andante Tour Card on our website.

With both cards you can use local transport in Porto. If you plan to visit museums and other sights or want to benefit from further discounts e.g. in restaurants or stores, then it is worth buying the Porto.CARD.

For more information on the comparison Andante Tour Card vs. Porto.CARD, please visit our website.

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