Porto.CARD: more than 150 benefits – What’s included?

Porto.Card holders can take advantage of more than 150 interesting discounts in addition to free public transport.
From admission to museums, discounts on city tours, boat tours, wine tastings to discounts on shopping and restaurants.
There is a lot to choose from …

Here you will find a current overview (2023) of the highlights and benefits of the Porto.CARD.


Overview: Highlights and benefits of the Porto.CARD

Terreiro da Sé Porto

Discounted admission to the Terreiro da Sé Cathedral in Porto.

Douro Porto Boat

Up to 20% discount on boat tours on the Douro or Minho (Image: Nan Palmero, CC 2.0 license).

Here you can find some of the most popular Porto.CARD discounts:

Museu da Cidade – Casa Do Infante (City Museum Casa do Infante) free admission
Museu da Cidade – Casa Guerra Junqueiro (City Museum Casa Guerra Junqueiro) free admission
Museu da Cidade- Extensão do Douro (City Museum – Duoro) free admission
Museu da Cidade – Extensão do Romantismo (City Museum – Romanticism) free admission
Museum Do Papel-Moeda free admission
Museu do Carro Elétrico (Tramway Museum) -50 %
Casa Da Música (Sightseeing) -50 %
WOW – World of Wine (7 different museums, discount applies to admission to 2 museums) -10 %
Museu da Farmácia do Porto (Pharmacy Museum) -20 %
Museu de Arte Contemporânea e Parque de Serralves (Museum of Contemporary Art and the Park of Serralves) -20 %
Museu Militar do Porto (Military Museum of Oporto) -50 %
Museu Nacional Da Imprensa (National Museum of the Press) -50 %
Museu Nacional Soares Dos Reis (National Museum of Soares Dos Reis) -50 %
Museu Das Marionetas (Puppets Museum) – €2
Transport & Communication Museum (Museu dos Transportes e Comunicações) -50 %
Palácio Da Bolsa -25 %
Teatro Nacional São João (National Theater) – 50%
Catedral Terreiro da Sé -€1 %
Sea Life Porto -30 %
World Of Discoveries (Interactive museum about the age of sailing ships & explorers) -35 %
Various city tours, guided city walks, bus tours… up to -25%
Various boat tours on the rivers Douro or Minho up to -20%
Igreja Monumento S. Francisco -25 %
FC Porto Museu + Estádio do Dragão (FC Porto Museum + Stadium) -10 %

More details:

➔ All 150 discounts / savings options of the Porto.CARD with city map can be found here in detail (* .pdf for download)

TukTuk Oporto

Sightseeing by tuk tuk – with the Porto.Card there is also a discount here (Image: © Daniel Rangel)

Our tip: Buy the Porto.CARD online at no extra charge – current prices 2023

Here you can buy the Porto.Card online in advance of your trip without any extra charge & fees. Using local transport is easy with the Porto.Card. It not only saves money, but above all time and stress. No queuing at the ticket machine, no reading the fare regulations to find the right ticket. Especially after a long flight, there are better things to do …

Current prices for a Porto.Card including local public transport (2023):

Validity period of 1 day: 13 euros
Validity period of 2 days: 20 euros
Validity period of 3 days: 25 euros
Validity period of 4 days: 33 euros (8.25 Euros per day)

Practical: After your arrival at the airport, you can use the Porto.Card to travel to the city center for free on the metro. No additional ticket is required.

Advantage: The purchase is made via an English website. In our experience, this means fewer misunderstandings. The service, whether by e-mail or telephone, is of course also in English.

More EXTRA: With the Porto.CARD you benefit from more than 150 discounts!

More EXTRA: With the Porto.CARD you benefit from more than 150 discounts!

Porto.Card – at a glance

✅ Local transport: Bus, Metro free of charge

✅ Metro: airport ↔ city center free of charge

✅ free admission to 7 museums

✅ 50% discount at 16 other attractions

✅ more than 150 discounts in total

✅ Train ride to the beach free of charge

✅ valid for 1,2,3 or 4 days

✅ Online purchase at no extra charge – more info here

World of Discoveries: 35% off the normal price (2023: 16€) with the Porto.CARD.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ 2023

In addition to the free use of public transport in Porto, with the Porto.Card you can enjoy more than 150 discounts and reductions at museums, city tours, wine tastings, …

For more information about the Porto.Card, visit our website.

If you want to use not only local transport during your stay in Porto, but also visit museums or other attractions, then it is worth buying the Porto.Card. It offers more than 150 discounts for a relatively small extra charge (compared to a local transport ticket only).

Another plus: you can buy the Porto.CARD online in advance and at no extra charge. This saves time and stress on site.

For more information on the Porto.CARD and current prices (2023), please visit our website.

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